2021 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laurates

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♪♪ 2021 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laurates Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal (France) ANNE: When we are thinking, designing a project, when we are starting to work on the site, We never think in terms of forms. So it’s what we call ‘From the Inside Out’. It means that we think the project from the inside.

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Of course, it’s important this principle of looking on what we have in hands and what we could do with this. JEAN-PHILIPPE: We are all talking about the existing city, the existing situations and we are inside the situations. It’s a different approach to urbanism. Not more from above, but from inside. —with this curiosity and this precision ANNE: And we are really interested in this process of transformation, addition, expansion, superposition, because for us this is an opportunity of doing more with what we have.


JEAN-PHILIPPE: We call it “plus”, that means we should never demolish, never demolish, because always we have to consider what it’s already there: this memory, this life that people spend in there even in difficult conditions. ANNE: We did some projects of transformation and, especially, of social housing. This is a transformation of three big blocks of 530 dwellings and we did it without removing any family from the building. But we set an ambition of transforming the space of living in a much better way into to give another fifty-years life of this building and we transformed this into a beautiful housing with much more space for every inhabitant. Here at this scale, [the project] was really a part of the city and we were expecting that it could really show the relevance of this process of transformation, instead of demolition and rebuilding.

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