Boundaries Between Domestic and Institution

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please tell us

what is the concept of future school

and how is it trying to answer the


how we will live together

future school is a gathering of

different discipline experts architects

more than 200 participants taking part

of this we

wanted to convert the korean pavilion

into a school

but also addressing how we could invent

the future

to a better society and life

and we have created the space so that


before comet that they could gather here

and throughout six months

and more than 50 pro bands were going to


basing venice but also globally

we also was planning to connect

virtually because

the idea that we gathered were three


um planet crisis diaspora

and innovation of course we

are we have carried on this concept

but it’s in different times perfect

so future school is not just frozen


a dynamic program that will occur

throughout the duration of the vinale

yes and from behind the screen we have

made future school online so you could


online and all the programs are

exhibited there also the programs that

people can all participate can

upload content throughout six months

so it’s a virtual school at the same

time we have this the

specific locations where people will be


locally but we also gather together


also combined with offline and we hope

to do this

maybe later of the year to together

some of the participants in the korean


perfect so here in the physical space of

  David Basulto and Varvara Melnikova

the korean pavilion we find

places for the exchange for like the

dynamic of the school

but also there is like a dining area

uh reflecting in the korean domesticity

what is this physical installation

we started uh how to convert the korean

pavilion to a school and the concept we


off having a house and a well in a


so we are in within giardini within the

garden and the korean pavilion

was the last pavilion built in this jar

jardine and

the brick building where is

contemplation area that is

out of hanji it’s a korean paper that’s

area of relaxation contemplation

maybe you haven’t seen it yet from on

the original brick

building and this where you’re sitting

is an extension

that’s made out of the existing toilet

building that was here

so the kitchen areas where

of course in the school uh one has been

we didn’t want

it to be kind of displaying just

exhibition but

really to be a used space

so the spatial design led

by christian you and your songs of art

so far architects um the collaboration

and with chris roll the graphic designer

we really made the space and with the

black metal where you’re seeing now

it’s it’s insulated by a landscape


and and it’s a combination where

people can come and gather also rest all

the daily

things that a student or a learner or

a visitor can can do and i thought this


this is this site would be a perfect

place to do this

during the six months period perfect

  Architecture Is A Medium That Can Make A Difference

so for one side i see that the visitors

are going to feel

welcome into this as you say home

school kind of a space but what do you

think is that the visitors

can get what they can learn through

visiting this pavilion

i think first i want them you know how

all the pavilions when one walks around


needs a place to dwell and this is

one of the in a way domestic kind of


boundaries between domestic and



and this is not a place where we

one has to gain anything but if

one wants to look into how much they

want to look into because the

complexity of all programs one can

learn through a whole three six months

and it’s

if one then becomes part of future

school students

or participants one can follow through

the whole six months

or one can come in here and have a


restful time

so this the space kind of encompasses

different layers

this process followed behind you is

where we’re going to layer

the process of all the workshops that’s


here and it will keep layering up and

becomes part of like an archive

it’s a pin board for students you know

the exhibitors and the participants

thank you thank you so much thank you

very much