Future Architecture Platform and Coming Changes

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my name is Matteo Chile I’m an architect

and I became a critic as well and a

cultural producer in architecture I

manage Museum of architecture and design

and directors in 2010 since it was

upgraded from city to the national

museum and we are trying to find out

what the new Museum of architecture

should be and what should what its

future roles

that’s why besides running exhibitions

and dealing with collections we are

trying to create new programs which

through the last years became clear that

should be focus particularly on support

to young talents in architecture

five years ago I have a feeling that

architectural faith was very much

going out what’s being built and how

it’s been built and what we done wrong

so it was about reflections on the

current project and we wanted to make a

shift and to shift the focus of

Architects into the future and I think

we managed to do that with young

architects and also with institutions

for institutions it’s also important

that they can see what is happening what

young people are thinking about and

regarding their responsibilities in the

public programs think about what they

need to do as well and what what there

are how many their missions should

change in the future as well in the

platform we have a diversity of

institutions and we were we were looking

for diversity of institutions so that a

large museum can learn from a small

publisher or a festival organizer can

look at someone dealing with prototyping

  Robert Miles Kemp

and that creates tension as well because

everyone is operating in a different

scale with the different means different

resources but the basic idea is that

every member institution shares part of

its resources to create

when we curate the conference that is

happening right now and is launching the

European architecture program we look at

these 25 applications and we try to

cluster under some particular issues

that they try to address and in a way

also that they can discuss among each

other and if last year we were talking

about some specific themes in

architecture like architecture and

nature or heritage this year it was more

about the processes of work in

architecture from research to cultural

production to practice and that’s what

we find very important in the platform

to discuss about the practice and to

discuss about the business model of an

architectural office or how the

professions list of tasks has changed

and broadened in the last year’s

I think it’s quite clear that if we want

to face changing again in the future

architectural education we needs to

change totally it is still happening in

a way as it happened 10 years ago 20

years ago in most of the schools and by

reading the applications of the young

generation that has become quite clear

some are very critical towards education

that they got some are bringing in

proposals how it should change and some

are simply lost so that’s something

that’s urgent I think then there are

  Open More Doors

different trends that may be not being

discarded is discovered through the

platform but that exists in the

contemporary architectural discussion

and it’s about the digital and the

physical of urban and non-urban reuse

and resources and materials and these

discussions are open to every active

cycle to think about the future but

there are urgent matters that we need to

deal with that requires from us