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first winner textual spacing and after

after the equation I went to work in

Chile couple years after that moment in

2016 we decided to start our own

practice and since that many

opportunities were from three different

kind of projects and also to work with

different kind of skills we have

designed some projects

United States we’re working on we’ve

been working on into eating at the same

time we are we interested process and

that means for us to be from one side

practicing architecture and from the

other side


older than it is but what’s interesting

for us is that as you enter through this

very typical staircase then you arrive

into this kind of loft so it’s kind of

an expected space for this kind of human

tissue and we like this kind of

condition and also we type in it’s

actually an interesting phase the

process to be in the space because it’s

very indeterminate every space could

become would be destined to a specific

function but you don’t actually see it

it’s a very interesting condition that



and also this condition of indeterminacy

they use space and that’s something that

is also reflected in the way in which we

often the projects that we do which is

to work my metric which is a clear

reference to the work of Jim sterling

but also it’s a way to actually

concentrate on the space itself and so

the spaces are basically devoid of any

  Digital Toolbox for Sustainable, Equal and Inclusive Cities

let’s say domestic video

there is no furniture there is no color

and what what stays is just a space